Economic Geography Research Group

Fostering research in Economic Geography

RGS/IBG Annual Conference

2002 Belfast University

January 2nd-6th 2002

EGRG-Sponsored Sessions

EGRG Postgraduate Session: Geographies of new economies: diversity and difference in postgraduate explorations.

Thursday 3rd January

Convenor: Rachel Murphy (University of Nottingham)

Module 1

Telephone call centres and the financial services industry.
Julian Clarke (University of Nottingham)

Ireland as regions in Europe: the adoption of the information society at the local level and its regional impact.
Pat Collins (University of Hull)

The role of government-university-industry interaction in generating enhanced technology transfer in Ireland and Scotland.
Almar M. Barry (Trinity College Dublin).

Module 2

Globalisation and urban governance transformation in China.
Yu Mingjie (National University of Singapore).

EGRG Session: Spaces and sites of regulation.

Friday 4th January

Convenors: Neil Coe and Kevin Ward, University of Manchester.

Module 1: Regulating policies and practices

Chair: Alex Hughes (University of Newcastle).

Jamie Peck (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) and Adam Tickell (University of Bristol, UK).

Languages of labour: representational strategies in Singapore's labour control regime.
Neil Coe (University of Manchester) and Philip Kelly (York University, Toronto).

The Europeanisation of immigration and asylum policy?
Michael Samers (University of Liverpool).

Module 2: Regulating state spaces

Chair: Kevin Ward (University of Manchester).

The re-imagination of Bilbao as a successful site of regulation.
Sara González Ceballos (University of the Basque Country).

In what sense (still) a regional problem? England's reshuffled spaces of regulation.
Martin Jones (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) and Gordon MacLeod (University of Durham)

The entrepreneurs of a new regionalism?
Anthony Vigor (University of Manchester).

Module 3: Regulating communities

Chair: Irene Hardill (Nottingham Trent University).

The Dynamics of Social Exclusion.
Martin Burgess and Bryan Mills (Cornwall College).

Bringing government to the people: Gender, local governance and community participation in South Africa
Cheryl McEwan (University of Birmingham).

Street markets: the regulation of a marginal site of consumption.
Catherine White (University of Northumbria).

Module 4: Regulating economic networks

Chair: Neil Coe (University of Manchester).

Media networks: within and beyond Manchester.
Jennifer Johns (University of Manchester).

Locating governance in the digital economy: libertarianism, panopticism and the power of network effects.
Andrew Leyshon (University of Nottingham).

Re-regulating global trading networks: governmentality and the rise of the audit economy.
Alex Hughes (University of Newcastle).

EGRG and Historical Geography Research Group Session: Geographies of labour.

Saturday 5th January

Convenors: George Revill (Oxford Brookes University) and Adam Swain (University of Nottingham)

Module 1

Chair: Adam Swain

Geographies of resistance and the formation of political identities in the London Port Strikes of 1768.
Dave Featherstone (Open University)

Localism and national organisation: the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants and the cultural geography of collective action.
George Revill (Oxford Brookes University)

Work and community in transformation: remaking identity and everyday life in Nowa Huta, Poland.
Alison Stenning (University of Birmingham)

Module 2

Chair: George Revill (Oxford Brookes University)

‘Sweatshop’ production and the politics of work in the East European garment industry.
Adrian Smith (University of Southampton)

Economic restructuring and social struggle: the case of the Organisation of Free Trade Unions, Arad, 1990-2000.
Dragos Simandan (University of Bristol)

Followers or leaders? Unions and the politics of regional development in the UK.
Andy Cumbers (University of Glasgow) and Danny MacKinnon (University of Aberdeen)

EGRG and Post-Socialist Geographies Research Group Session: New economic geographies of post-socialism

Convenor: Michael Bradshaw (University of Leicester)

Module 1

Chair: Michael Bradshaw (University of Leicester)

International Institutions and a new mode of social regulation in Russia.
Alexandra Wynn (University of Leicester)

Nizhni Novgorod revisited: The World Bank model of restructuring collective farms and its outcomes.
Dr. Peter Lindner (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

Wartime transition to post socialism: the case of the natural resource sectors in Angola and Cambodia.
Phillip Le Billion (Oxford University)

Module 2

Chair: Michael Bradshaw (University of Leicester)

Industrial networks in Bulgarian forest products.
Chad Staddon (University of the West of England)

Evolution of employment and territories in a Czech-German border region.
Helen Sallard (ENS Sciences Humaines, Lyon)

The social welfare and energy efficiency implications of residential electricity tariff reform in transition: Macedonia and Slovenia in comparative perspective.
Stefan Bužarovski (University of Oxford).