Economic Geography Research Group

Fostering research in Economic Geography

Conferences & Symposia


The Economic Geography Research Group is involved in organising two key events during the year. The first, the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, provides an opportunity for academics and hopefully policy-makers to meet, present and discuss their work.

The second is an annual two-day workshop composed of two elements:

  1. a cutting-edge research theme symposium that provides a forum for emerging ideas in economic geography to be discussed. Here we are particularly keen to encourage the participation of academics from other disciplines;
  2. a postgraduate symposium that provides a forum for postgraduates and those early in their careers to present and discuss their work in a supportive environment.

Whilst in the past these two symposia were held as separate one-day events, since 2006 we have brought them together in a combined event to benefit from intellectual crossovers and 'economies of scale'!