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Latest Working Paper

Unrewarded careers in the creative class: The strange case of Bohemian graduates,
Comunian Roberta, Alessandra Faggian and Qian Cher Li

(Added 31 January 2010)

Previus Working Paper

The Economic Geography of European Carbon Market Trading,
Eric R. W. Knight

(Added 15 December 2009)

Working Papers

Part of the EGRG’s mission is to be accessible to new researchers, including postgraduate students and academics at an early stage in their careers. The EGRG Committee are therefore seeking to use the existing working paper series as a dedicated forum for early career researchers to publicise their research and receive constructive feedback from the committee.


While we encourage the submission of different kinds of papers (including opinion, review, discussion and polemical pieces), papers should usually be a minimum of 5,000 words and a maximum of 9,000 words. Style should be consistent with previous Working Papers in the Series, including 1.5 or double spacing throughout, name and contact details of author(s), paper title, short abstract with keywords, footnotes where appropriate, and a separate list of references.

Any questions concerning the EGRGWorking Paper Series Prize for new research in economic geography should be addressed to the Editors, Dr James Faulconbridge ( and Dr John Harrison ( Working papers for publication should also be sent to the Editors.

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (downloadable from Adobe) to view PDF file(s). PDF files open in a new window.

2010 Working Papers

01.10 Unrewarded careers in the creative class: The strange case of Bohemian graduates Comunian Roberta, Alessandra Faggian and Qian Cher Li

2009 Working Papers

04.09 The Economic Geography of European Carbon Market Trading Eric R. W. Knight
03.09 Enabling or inhibiting the creative economy: the role of the local and regional dimensions in England Caroline Chapain & Roberta Comunian
02.09 The spatial dynamics of the inventor network in German biotechnology: geographical proximity versus triadic closure Anne L.J. Ter Wal
01.09 Methodological approaches for junior researchers interviewing elites: a multidisciplinary perspective. William S. Harvey

2008 Working Papers

03.08 Developing regulatory frameworks and practices in China’s new financial markets. Karen P.Y. Lai.
02.08 Social capital of economic clusters: towards a network-based conception of social resources. Franz Huber.
01.08 The difficulty with diversity: white and aboriginal women worker's representations of diversity management in forest processing mills. Suzanne Mills.

2007 Annual Symposium Papers

05.07 Global Production Networks: realizing the potential. Neil M. Coe, Peter Dicken and Martin Hess.
04.07 Drivers and barriers to sustainable purchasing practices in the cocoa sector. David Phillips and Anne Tallontire.
03.07 The new global linkages and innovation in production networks: a comparison of Polish and Turkish autocomponents clusters. Guldem Ozatagan.
02.07 Towards a Local Model for the Internationalization of Italian Firms in Eastern Europe. Christian Sellar.

2007 Working Papers

01.07 Managing the transnational law firm: professional systems, embedded actors and time-space sensitive governance. James R Faulconbridge.

Past Working Papers

02.02 Workers' strategies to secure jobs, their uses of scale, and competing economic moralities: rethinking the 'geography of justice', (PDF 100KB). Jamie Gough.
01.01 City-regionalisms: Some critical reflections on transatlantic urban policy convergence, (PDF 310KB). Andrew Jonas & Kevin Ward.
01.00 The new economic geography and uneven geographical development: Towards a more holistic framework for economic geography, (PDF 215KB). Diane Perrons.
03.99 Contingent Chicago: Restructuring the spaces of temporary labour, (PDF 320KB). Jamie Peck & Nik Theodore.
02.99 Diasporic business connections: An examination of the role of female entrepreneurs in a south asian business district, (PDF 99KB). [figure 1], (PDF 50KB). Irene Hardil.
01.99 What makes economically successful regions in Europe successful? Implications for transferring success from west to east, (PDF 75KB). Ray Hudso.
04.98 Agents of 'bottom up' convergence in Europe? The political-economy of European Works Councils, (PDF 76KB). Jane Wills.
03.98 Theory led by policy? The inadequacies of 'the new regionalism' in economic geography, (PDF 65KB). John Lovering.
02.98 An institutionalist perspective on regional development, (PDF 55KB). Ash Amin.
01.98 Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire's water: Flows of water/capital in the drought of 1995, (PDF, 113KB). K. Bakker.

Other Working Paper Series